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Get help from Josh Pollock an experienced PHP and JavaScript developer who got started with WordPress.


Code reviews and consulting for WordPress and Laravel.


I have written more than a bajillion tutorials about WordPress development, as well as

Plugin Generator

Start your WordPress plugins quickly and correctly.

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Plugin Machine is created by Josh Pollock. Josh is the author of about a bajillion WordPress development tutorials, two books about WordPress development and is a contributor to WordPress core and many popular plugins.


If you are working on a new product facing WordPress or Laravel developers and want to discuss development or marketing of your product, I can help. I have been working with WordPress for about 10 years. I have worked on a several very popular plugins.

Since launching a plugin + SaaS product in 2016 I have worked on a number of projects that combine WordPress plugins and Laravel applications. I have experience with React in the WordPress block editor, front-end and headless NextJs sites.


Review plugin code or help developing development processes for your plugin company or agency.

Code Reviews

I will read your code and provide written feedback and recommendations. I can provide direction for developers and non-technical business leaders on how to create a healthy engineering culture that can create stable software that is easy to maintain and has less bugs then WordPress users have unfortunetly grown to worry about.

If you need a one time review, or want to discuss ongoing mentoring for your team — I’ll get all up in your Github and Slack and help your team learn test-driven development, code reviewing, modern PHP and React architecture.

Help Launching A WordPress Plugin For Your New Product

Got a cool new product ready to launch? Awesome, let me help you reach 40% of the web by creating a WordPress plugin. I’ll help you navigate the weired and often confusing ecosystem that has evolved over the last 20 years, based on my experience being a part of the last 70% of it.

I’ve worked on plugins used on hundreds of thousands and millions of sites. Along with some smart friends, we scaled and sold a popular WordPress plugins.

Josh really helped me get unstuck on a complex feature i was working on. He also helped me improve that feature’s performance/load times. Def recommend talking to Josh if you need to bounce ideas off of someone who knows websites deeply.

Kathy Darling

WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin Developer.

Josh came in at a crucial time and helped set up some of the most important parts of our new infrastructure – he knows WordPress inside out and is a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to working with him again.

Ross Morsali

Developer of Search and Filter WordPress plugin.

WordPress Plugin Generator

In 2021, I launced Plugin Machine, the WordPress plugin generator. Plugin Machine handles the boilerplate for creating WordPress plugins, adds features to existing plugins and packages your plugins for development or release.

Version 2, now with more AI is coming soon.

Modern WordPress Plugins

For new plugins or existing plugins, generate all the code you need for building WordPress plugins. Blocks, modern PHP, hooks, etc.

For Test-Driven Development

Add automated tests for your PHP and JavaScript code. Run the tests locally and or with popular CI/ CD services

For Plugin Developers

You can use Plugin Machine to turn your next great idea into a WordPress plugin, with modern and maintainable code, or to modernize your existing plugins.

Share templates for add-on and extension plugins.

For Learners

Instead of learning how to setup the tooling for plugin development, skip all that and focus on learning how plugin development works.

Plugin Machine generates documentation for your plugins and is full of helpful links for how to develop with the features it adds to your plugin.

Learn WordPress Development From With Tutorials And Open Source Plugins And Applications

I have always enjoyed sharing what I learned and building in public. In addition to Plugin Machine, I am working on an AI-assisted writing plugin: Upcyled Found Objects and some other WordPress plugins.

Recently, I’ve been organizing my past writing, training a GPT3 model on it, and writing new content. This site is now a membership site. Members and consulting clients get early access to tutorials, with comments on.

Code and Words About Code

I don’t write tutorials about foo and bar anymore. I write actual production code and then share how I did it.

Plugin Machine Plugins

In Production

WordPress Plugin Templates

Members Get Early Access To Tutorials

Want to read all my drafts, ask for related code examples or make other requests? Great, sign up for a paid Plugin Machine plan, that’s the benefit now.

Read My Code

My tutroials are about how I built or refactored something. I put links to Github so you can learn from the source.

What About AI?

AI is changing how we write code. Learn how to use it speed up your development and testing.