Improve Your Code, Upskill Your Team

Get help from Josh Pollock an experienced PHP and JavaScript developer who got started with WordPress.

Are you struggling with planning a major project? Are you looking for direction on how to tackle a problem? Do you need security and performance reviews for WordPress?

I am a WordPress core contributor, who has worked on several plugins that were used across hundreds of thousands of sites and as a tech lead for both startups and enterprise sites. Let me help, I enjoy it.

Two Hour Zoom Call

Advice on how to tackle a problem or how to structure a project. Troubleshooting and pair programming.

Plugin Review

Review your code or your launch plan with an experienced WordPress developer.

Ongoing Help

Monthly options for developer mentoring and developer advocate as service.

How I Can Help

  • Help planning a new WordPress, React or Laravel project or a major refactor
  • Develop a strategy for automated testing for a WordPress plugin or site
  • Security and performance reviews for WordPress
  • Teach you or your developers automated testing, via zoom calls
  • Code reviews
  • Setting up CI/CD for WordPress, React or Laravel.

About Me


Two Hour Consult Call

Get help with WordPress, Laravel or React projects.

What Is Included

  • Up to two hours on zoom
  • Send me a link to code or your site you want me to look at before the call

Need help planning a new project or figuring out how to fix a complex issue? I can help. If you send me some code to review in advance, I will look at it for an hour or so before the call.

Need Help Troubleshooting A WordPress Issue?

Book a zoom call, I am happy to take a look at your code via screenshare and talk through your issues.

Review (4-5 Hours)

I can provide you with a detailed review of your WordPress site or plugin and provide written recommendations on issues, performance, and security. With this service, you will receive a 1 hour zoom call to discuss any issues and goals, and I will take 2-3 hours to review the code or site and write written recommendations.

My recommendations will also include Laravel or React applications if necessary. With my experience, you will get the most out of your website and be sure it is functioning properly and securely.

Let me know how I can help.

What Is Included

  • 1 hour zoom call to discuss issues and goals.
  • I will take 2-3 hours to review the code or site, and write written recommendations.
  • A written review including issues,

This is a basic review, and not a full security audit.

Ongoing Consulting or Coaching

Many organizations want to adopt automated testing, but getting started can be intimidating. There are new skills to learn, workflows may need modified and your team will need to learn new skills.

  • Will cover phpunit for PHP and Jest for JavaScript

If you need help I can help for an additional charge. I’ll even document how it works.

Could Include

  • Training for JavaScript and PHP developers on your team, based on the work they are doing now.
  • Code review for pull requests.
  • Architecture planning for new products and refactors.
  • Setting up a CI/CD pipline for a WordPress site, plugin or Laravel application