WordPress Plugin Generator

Plugin Machine handles the boilerplate for creating WordPress plugins, adds features to existing plugins and packages your plugins for development or release.

Version 2, now with more AI is coming soon.

Create ↗

For new plugins or existing plugins, generate all the code you need for building WordPress plugins. Blocks, modern PHP, hooks, etc.

Test ↗

Add automated tests for your PHP and JavaScript code. Run the tests locally and or with popular CI/ CD services

Build & Deploy

Build installable zip files of your plugins. The Plugin Machine CLI automates the build process and creates optimized zip files.

Start A Plugin With Plugin Machine

Plugin Machine is a free plugin generator based on how Josh makes plugins. Sign up for a free account to crete a plugin with Plugin Machine

Need Someone To Write The Code For Your Plugin?

Plugin Machine is a tool for WordPress plugin developers who write PHP and JavaScript code.

If you need someone to help you develop the plugins you create with Plugin Machine, or need other WordPress development help, I recommend using Codeable to connect with a qualified developer. They vet experts and offer a money back guarantee.

If you need help maintaining an existing WordPress site, I recommend WPBuffs. they are experts in maintaining WordPress sites, and can help with backups, updates and small fixes. I’ve used them in the past, tell them Josh says hi.